MM-DD-YYYY is the representation of how we write dates normally.

June 27, 2022


We hardly ever say 27th of June, so it's strange we would put the day first when we abbreviate a date into numbers.

mask policy idiocy 

@ehashman @eryn

It would be complicated to properly inspect each mask, and so polices are very likely made to be applied visually at a distance.

mask policy idiocy 

@ehashman out of curiosity, does your p100 have an exhaust valve?

I have not seen a p100 without an exhaust valve, and with it the mask fails to protect others.

The universe compensated for this morning. We were able to get our car towed, borrow a different car, and get to Philly with only an hour delay total. Amazing

The plan was to head to Philly this weekend.

The five borough bike tour made it difficult to get out of Brooklyn.

Right before we got on the highway the battery died. Turns out the alternator died, and we ran the batter low enough to destroy it.

Instead of being on vacation, we're waiting for a tow. 😭

What operating system(s) do you mostly use on desktop, if any? :blobcatscience:

An interesting note about mastodon... Setting up your own instance is really akin to be adrift on your own island. The only people you see are people you follow, and explore and local tabs are completely empty. The only way to get content is to know what content you want already.

@phooky the gentrification of Brooklyn has been intense these past decades, and accelerating.

@phooky @ranjit I figured out the problem. The upgrade to 3.5 has a database migration I missed. All fixed up.

@phooky @ranjit interesting, I stopped getting updates from people I follow 4 days ago but got these responses. Likely a weird federation issue

Is this thing on? I seem to have stopped getting federated messages.

@phooky They already have names! Naf-naf, Nif-nif, and Nuf-nuf

Shower Thought: When people emphasize speed, they always say speeeed; they say it slowly.

The problem is that doing proper verification (scanning the barcode) is very heavy handed. Not a single business I've been to has done more than look at it and checked my ID to see that the name matches.

All that is needed to make one that would pass 99% of the time is a screen shot and a few minutes in Photoshop.

A moving background would actually be more practical than the cryptographically secure thing NYS has.

My experience is that no one actually wants to verify the proof at all.

NYS has cryptographically signed QR code proof of vax, and has an app anyone can download that will verify and do automatic contact tracing. It doesn't look cool, but technically is pretty awesome.

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