Got access to DALL-E today, and while it is really impressive, it really makes some results that are what I expect from AI.

I give you "A picture of the happiest family ever."

The universe compensated for this morning. We were able to get our car towed, borrow a different car, and get to Philly with only an hour delay total. Amazing

The plan was to head to Philly this weekend.

The five borough bike tour made it difficult to get out of Brooklyn.

Right before we got on the highway the battery died. Turns out the alternator died, and we ran the batter low enough to destroy it.

Instead of being on vacation, we're waiting for a tow. 😭

What operating system(s) do you mostly use on desktop, if any? :blobcatscience:

An interesting note about mastodon... Setting up your own instance is really akin to be adrift on your own island. The only people you see are people you follow, and explore and local tabs are completely empty. The only way to get content is to know what content you want already.

Is this thing on? I seem to have stopped getting federated messages.

Shower Thought: When people emphasize speed, they always say speeeed; they say it slowly.

For dinner tonight, a dutch oven roasted chicken stuff with chili potatoes!

When ever Misha goes to sleep, she always strikes a pose.


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